Japan get peace

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The earthquake was inexperienced strong ever...
Cracked dish, shelves collapse, scattered books, i did go away to outside in that moment.
The after, Broadcasting the shocking video of disaster area in TV programs.
Then i was dumbfounded...
There is so many victims, the families of victims and people of working for reconstruction.
and I'm sure there is many more traumatized people by this extraordinary happenings.

Now it is very limited that i can do.
I have to think about the life in this extraordinary.
I will think little by little about what i can do for their people.

Keiichi Sugimoto


Donation to the JPN Red Cross is now available through at giftee(http://giftee.co/).
You can receive a free LiFETONES album for those who donate.
giftee: http://giftee.co/


12kレーベルでは、3月期の12kウェブショップでの売り上げを全てJapan Societyによる
「Japan Earthquake Relief Fund」へ寄付します。
12k is donating the profits from all of the sales in our shop for the month of March to the Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.

12k: http://www.12k.com/index.php/news/earthquake_relief_fund/

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