Remix Work …

Remix Works

Peter Prautzsch “Fever Remixes” – Vegpher remix(2015)      

noid “So Are Millions Of Us” – FilFla remix(7inch Single/2014)     

tristero “SO CLOSE YET SO FAR ” – Vegpher remix(CD購入特典/2014)

Ozaki Koichi “-refost 13-” – FourColor remix(CD Album/2013) 

Bisk “MEMORABILIA” – Vegpher remix(CD購入特典/2013)      

SoundSignals “Hear cape cod” – FourColor remix (3CD Album/2013)   

Polar M “November” -Vegpher remix(2013)    

Pawn “Portrait Re:Sketch”- Vegpher Remix (CD ALBUM/2013) 

Polar M “November” – vegpher remix(2013)    

MF/MB/ “cocktail kid” – vegpher remix(2012)    

Christopher Willits “Light Into Branches” – FilFla Remix (DIGITAL/2012)       

suzukiiiiiiiiii×youpy “sxy”- Vegpher Remix (2CD ALBUM/2012) 

Chad Valley “Shell Suite” – Fourcolor Mix(2011)     

Chad Valley “Up and Down” – FilFla Remix (2011)   

Cosmic Metal Mother “Zen Locomotive” – FilFla Remix (12″vinyl/2011)       

Luis Nanook “Place”- FilFla Remix (CD購入特典/2010) 


mophONE “plug”- FilFla Remix (CD ALBUM/2008) 

PORT-ROYAL “Flared Up – Port-Royal Remixed”- minamo Remix (CD ALBUM/2008)

Tape  “Rideau”- minamo Remix (CD ALBUM/2005) 

TAPE “crossing longitude” – Fonica Remix (CD ALBUM/2004)      

V.A. “Springs, re:makes and mixes of RF”- FilFla Remix (CD ALBUM/2006)

V.A. “operette -tape opera remixes-“- minamo Remix (CD ALBUM/2004)



V.A. “88 Tapes” – FourColor (CD ALBUM/2012)   

V.A. “Fabrique” – FilFla (Digital/2011)      


V.A. “songs of twilight -ソングス・オブ・トワイライト-” – FourColor (CD ALBUM/2010)   

V.A. “Fabrique” – FourColor (CD ALBUM/2009)   

V.A. “Personal Telemetry System” – FilFla (CD ALBUM/2007)

V.A. “textile” – FourColor (CD ALBUM/2006)   

V.A. “bip-hop generation vol.8” – minamo (CD/2006)

V.A. “ABR’s Assemblage Session 1” – minamo (CD/2005)

V.A. “magical super asia” – FourColor (CD ALBUM/2005)

V.A. “THE FORBIDDEN 80s” – minamo (CD/2005)

V.A. “Music for Baby!”- minamo (CD/2004)

V.A. “bip-hop generation vol.7”- fonica (CD/2004)

V.A. “audio sponge 2” – fonica (CD/2004) 

BOOK&CD “Improvised Music from Japan 2004″(2CD BOOK/2004) 

V.A. “Meeting at Off Site Vol. 3” – Keiichi Sugimoto(CD/2003) 

V.A. “E•A•D•G•B•E” – fonica (CD/2003) 

V.A. “lib.-cubicfabric conpilation- ” – minamo (CD/2003) 

V.A. “1minute” – FourColor (CD/2003)

V.A. “f.s.” – FourColor (CD/2003)

V.A. “Bed-duo” – fonica(2003)

V.A. “music context” – Keiichi Sugimoto (CD/2003)

V.A. “The Planet Transport” – Keiichi Sugimoto +Shota Inaba (CD/2003)

V.A. “MICRO BLUE” – fonica(2002)

V.A. “Circulation-The Sounds of The Moss” -Sugimoto provided a track as kashikogi (CD/2002)

V.A. “colour and pattern” – minamo (CD/2002)

V.A. “version guitar” – FourColor (CD/2001)

V.A. “WEATHER COMPILATION” – minamo (CD/2001)

V.A. “KIBAMAN&NOWMAN” -Sugimoto provided a track as Tsunoman (CD/2001)

V.A. “5sleepers…baku” – minamo (CD/2001)



Moskitoo “Mitosis” – Mixing(CD ALBUM/2012) 

LiFETONES “LiFETONES 030211” – FilFla (original ring tone/2011)       

Moskitoo “Si Sol e.p.”(7inch EP/2009) – Mixing/Mastering       

trico!  “Place-everyday trip” (CD ALBUM/2008) -track3 arranged + mixed  

sgt. & good music! “Split CD [sggmt!!]” (CD ALBUM/2006) – computer,recorded and mixed

TU M’ “Fragile Touch Of The Coincidence” (CD ALBUM/2006) – Mastering

ethan rose “ceiling songs” (CD ALBUM/2006) – Mastering

good music! “good music!” (CD ALBUM/2005) – computer,recorded and mastering  

installing “installing” (CD ALBUM/2005) – member:tamaru + yokogawa tadahiko + sugimoto keiichi  

YOSHIO MACHIDA “Infinite Flowers” (CD ALBUM/2003) -guitar(01, 03, 06)  

installing “saraswati” (EP/2002) – member:tamaru + yokogawa tadahiko + sugimoto keiichi